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Join our Food Consumer Panels

If you are interested in joining one of our General or Foodservice Consumer Panels, please complete the registration form on the left. We are looking for general consumers, foodies, and food professionals with a general interest in food and beverages, to take part in regular consumer panel sessions, and give feedback on food and beverage products. We offer two options.

Consumer Panelists: If you have a general interest in Food, Drink, Beverages and Household products, and can give us, and our clients your opinion and feedback on these products, we are interested in hearing from you. Panel sessions will take place at our Dublin City Centre facilities and at various locations in Dublin and countrywide.

Foodservice Consumer Panelists
If you have experience in the hospitality, catering, fast food, or restaurant sector, we also have openings on our food service products panel for experienced food professionals. You will be providing feedback on products manufactured by our foodservice clients.

Panel Organisers: If you are interested in organising a Consumer Affairs Consumer Group in your local area, and can host panel sessions in your home or locality we are interested in hearing from you. A typical panel will comprise 10 - 15 panelist members who can meet on a regular basis to review / evaluate food, beverage and household products for our clients. You may recruit your friends and neighbours by asking them to register with Consumer Affairs. We provide training and support for Panel Organisers.

The Benefits: An attractive hourly rate, gift vouchers, free product samples etc
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Registration Form:
Availability: Panel sessions vary from 2 hour to full day sessions, 10.00 - 4.00. Please indicate your availbility. You may tick more than one day.

Age Group / Children: We require panellists from 18 to 60+ from different family circumstances. This information allows us to select panels to client requirements.
Minimum Age: 18 years for consumer panels.

Internet Access / Home Placement: If you have internet access and are interested in trying product at home and providing feedback via the web, let us know.

Previous Experience: If you have previous Consumer Panel, Focus Group or Food Sector experience tick the box.

Food Allergies / Food intolerances: We need to know if you have any food allergies or intolerance or are vegetarian to guide us in the selection process depending on products being assessed.

About Yourself: Tell us about you, just general information about yourself, your family, food likes and dislikes, products you purchase etc. Just a brief information will be sufficient.