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Consumer Affairs Specialising in Food Consumer Research

Innovate Food Technology, has a 10 year track record in the proviion of specialist services to the Irish Food sector, including Recruitment, Food Software and Technical Consultancy.
CunsumerAffairs.ie leverages our expertise within the food sector to provide a range of consumer research, sensory evaluation and food related survey services with application to all areas of your food business.
Just some of what you can do...
        • Sales & Marketing: Generate new product concepts and suggestions: Test new product ideas.
        • Quality Control: Benchmark your products aginst the competition
        • Production: Monitor product quality: Ensure product consistency.
        • Product Development: Include consumer research in your product development process.
        • Generate Consumer Feedback: Use our online survey technology to gain valuable consumer feedback.
        • Test New Ideas: Use our local consumer groups to gnerate feedback to product ideas.
        • Packaging: Evaluate Packaging Designs and product information pre launch.
        • Product Sensory Analysis: Supervised product sensory testing testing using our expert panel.
        • Save Money €€€: Pre-launch testing of product and packaging.

        Contact us for a detailed quotation and details of the panels and options available - 01 677 0643